overlook and summary – BLEACH.

The term bleach surrounds us as we all say:

Whoever may start (symonne, me, Joshua) : Iguzo!
Then another one follows with the same Japanese line : Iguzo!
Then for the third time: Iguzo!
After a while of saying it again and again, I’ll be the one to decide : Nanda?
A proclamation to end the lines repeated and… : Mr. Cureaan…
Joshua ends it perefectly.

And to what you can read above, we came to express and outspoken these words a hundred times each day since we start playing that bleach thing.
Wait, there’s an addition to the japanombo.

Symonne starts the tag after the perfect execution : Date-Bayo!
And the Microsoft sam Voice version of Joshua : Deiite- Baeiyu…
And my kiddy voice : Date-Bayo!
Joshua leaks with : Usei na
And sym with the same Jeffrey line and pitch : Unsei na
Then Joshua with the : BAANKAI!

And finally…



~ by protagonist on March 6, 2007.

One Response to “overlook and summary – BLEACH.”

  1. Ahhhhhh….another brilliant insights from brilliant minds…. Don’t Forget the “Onimura (high-pitch, tingle voice kinnda way)” thingy…

    Ces’t La…Where’s Vern@??????

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