ice doesn’t melt.

there are some things which can be considered as an alibi or a cheat. But for some, I proved myself that losing can sometimes be an expression to conceal thy weakness. to broaden, i had this ps2 party with my best buds. The buds I am talking about consist of tingeljep, ishida-nay, and ichigoshua. We planned this conflict long before where here. bleach time once again. even before the arrival of the two officers, there was a conflict between the sensei and the cute ice kiddo. So far with the result, my sensei didn’t win. ouchness. So came the two. They plot on a having an agenda on their own until kuya jiraiya-cha didn’t plug an extension cord for twonessness. We then decided to have the best out of the four. Team play seemed popular these days. I teamed up with my sensei for the day and tingeljep, of course, with the so-called “cheater”. The real fun for everyone starts.

At first we manage to… lose. Frankly speaking, sensei didn’t gave out the best from what I saw… so am i because if we, we would win. truth is too, our competitors are strong enough to match themselves. meaning, fair. we were beaten by the so-called “cheater” in a glance or two. While I manage to cope up with tingeljep’s strong-willed nothingness, I am worried to what will happen after. Rematch is decided. But the probability of winning seems far, so we exchange. after the shift, never lose. I beat the cheat out off symonne! wahaha… no more cheater to be called. sorry gen and again for alibis. guess joshua will be clipping that for a while.

josh. [Ichigo Kurosaki]me. [Toushirou Hitsugaya]

for tingeljep: wow you really used the combos perfectly. The only problem is that the combos are repeated in the same manner and in the same time. gotcha.

for ishida: how’s that?! haha. looks like I admit that I’m a loser after all. But not now!

for ichigoshua: if you’re saying that you will post something about something, post. haha. it’s just like playing an RPG and playing ¼ of the whole storyline. And what are worst, dodge arrows please. 🙂

for me: learn guard break. Dodge those arrows still!! Nakakaines pa rin! Haha… madaya!

That covers the whole story of us BLEACHING.


~ by protagonist on March 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “ice doesn’t melt.”

  1. damn..cOol..huh…hMmm..sPeechlesss…whew…am quite confused…loser

  2. You may have beaten me once or twice and even thrice but all that matters is that I’ve beaten you many times than you could ever imagine. I can’t even count my victories over you…hahahahahahaha!!!! “Pagbigyan nlng ung Chamba ni Frosty..”

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Peace!

    Chill La Vie!!!

  3. haha. i’m sure you can’t even count it because it’s not that countable. it’s few enough to be compared unto mine. wahaha. pagbigyan? duh made your expression! or maybe tell that to repeater jeff? 🙂

    easy ka lng tol. easy ka na lng kxe ngeon eh. haha.


  4. Few??? Why are you degrading yourself???? That’s your victory over me as reality serves our brains correctly….Well Anyhow, Maybe we should stop this arguing before it becomes a major issue. Surely the tingleness of Jeffrey needs a little fixing, or practice so to speak….Better luck next time, Ting-gol Jeff……

    Back to my Ces’t La Vie…..

  5. whaha. i’m missing bleaching. let’s just call it quits. and that jeff and joshua should have their ways and brains of their own, eh?


  6. Agreed!

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