freak show.

The freak’s in rage and I’m in. so to speak, I am the freak. i started this Monday morning with a hell factor to messed up. Chang yuan’s quotation I remember: “sa oras na nabadtrip ka ng Monday, tuloy tuloy na yan sa buong linggo”. The speculation I made bothered. I sense none of peria. I am bothered by the detailing of mam yuan’s lesson for the day. we patched up some vocal chords to attain a specific note in a pananalita factor. College story of this adviser, I think, came from greeks. So dumbfounding, and boring for making too many realities. And then I saw none but me. what drawing other than larynx and pharynx could get any better aggravation today? oh peria came. where’s czar?! stupid climate for making feeling me like this. hating yesterday for that thing. hating, hating. still stuck with michelle branch. tada. curtains down.

and then the same cycle. The six cycle mind, which equals…period. I should take my own advice: “easy ka lng”

feeling: a way too damn hot. 😦


~ by protagonist on March 5, 2007.

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