“so what’s the point, i mean where?”

Plush a tourniquet on my emotions please.

stupid i’m a boy, not a girl!

I chose teresa going. It was a unanimous decision for what i believe. I should stop talking too much for the such matters.

After enjoying the texting stuffs for czarin since last night, I dipped my sensuality in the waters of destiny in this morning bathe. freak it’s just cold water. I swipe bacteria’s off my spine and diminutively deteriorate every black spot that I saw. I’m clean! amf bata. Once I finish my bubble bath, I am then packed by family pineda to their vehicular artywonky at eleven before ten. I was thrown at the rear view so I could probably smell the feeling of eutrophic. and dang, I am perspiring to what extent. I am living in winter nights guys. remember, toushirou hitsugaya? stop sticking me to this habialusions.

We arrived there late before my classies came. regardless of the aftermath of climate hot, I rushed to the nearest seat to comfort my near drowsiness. And expect it, I was summoned inside by them. they all sat there captioustically. And even I can able to look at “Your Photograph is Proof” , I guess photo should be enough. eyes on me but not on you. you might said it so but… blah blah paramita. it’s your fault again.

Enjoying the fiesta (did I just post “enjoying”? duh.) with this socialites, we head to engrande mono’s kalaguyo. We were welcomed (so far I am not sure why I am included) and been taken care off. spending most of the time in a similar kiosk just made my imusyuns left yesterday and last night more aggravating and anxiety-building. Fortunately jed was staying in that spacio near the orocan. Hahahah… you made me laugh tol.

Last destination was my real destination: Peria’s residence. We entered a subdivision house to consider. Looking so familiar to our antipolo rest house, I reminisced. We sat down at the cozy sofa near the garage and ate bunch of nuts, teresa nuts. Jed, rich, sym and gel accompanied this protagonist. then others long for socials in the other parts of the house. good gracious I am accompanied by me (a mouse! jed’s mouse). hays… disappointment we were not soused here. but then sourpuss peria and I had the legend of mana fight. Direct conclusion: one is to one. no questions asked. baka magdrama nanaman si peria eh.

we left our antipolo rest house, err… i mean peria’s house by 5:30 and able to hitched on a ride by 6:30. I am drowsy for so mo moments. No euphony from… nvm. fob might work now. oh btw, i’m lovin’ this michelle branch song. info unknown to you.



~ by protagonist on March 4, 2007.

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