look at the date and day at the lower part of my title. i can’t think of a reason not to do some things bacause everything had its odds and evens. even probability test tests my inner skills, as if i would have to list all possible outcomes. wait. don’t misconstrue my ideas for anything. i’m just having this downtrodden feeling of self-centering.

i have to do my visuals by making it stick to this acetate paper to accumulate such enough pints of points for the presentation part. it was for my rp. and then i have to had time management for tomorrow’s artywonkies: verna’s birthday and teresa’ fiesta. having the same time to spare but different ambiance and faces to deal with, how much can i deceive myself from going there and going not there? how amusing. i wish astral projection has been invented before i came to this world. now i have to decide between one, or not. carlo’s thesis was right: “time management fails if we fail to manage.”

maybe i should boondoggle? 🙂



~ by protagonist on March 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “flooding.”

  1. kaya mu yan chong!!! its time management lng at malulutas mu n yan… parang aq ngtitime management din eh noh!! hahahahahah

    xa nga pla binigay na ni sam ang number nya sakin kninang umaga!!! wohoooooooo

  2. “time management fails if we fail to manage.”
    -hell yea

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