fifty things to make me upset.

i had never been this aggravated for the past days before the upcoming departure for southridge. It happened today and what’s more hormone rushing is that the fact that every slight detail for making me upset is in motion. perfect set-up for every plan of destructing my imusyuns.

And due to the accumulated worseness I had, I’ve come up to list down fifty things that keeps my eyes blackout, all the time.

1. too much nonsense noise
2. the uncontrollable and continuous taunts
3. mom calling me whenever I am doing something
4. untimely errands while doing something
5. too much errands
6. repeating again and again the instructions for duties
7. hot climate, ambiance and atmosphere
8. not achieving what must have to be achieved
9. shouting me too the extent of disturbance
10. replacing my personal things or non to somewhere else (except if it arranges)
11. interfering with what I am doing, especially valuable ones
12. aggravating my anger on a number 7 basis
13. not listening to what I will have to say or what I’m going to say
14. the people who thinks they can be my friends
15. individuals who thinks they can surpass my level
16. intelligent people but fool as ever
17. getting things without permission (name it stealing)
18. tracing my life to lead
19. being beaten by unfair characters (bleach amf)
20. angry people
21. “feeling” personifications
22. giving ideas that counters my ideas
23. perfectionist like me
24. whores and prostitutes
25. friends who choose love over friends
26. backstabbers
27. backstabber friends, traitors to say
28. unnatural consequences
29. not having enough knowledge to answer a simple question
30. not being there for a loved one
31. being the fault for a loved one
32. not having a communication or a simple message to keep the distance cut
33. slow internet connections
34. hurting me more than I can accommodate or endure
35. lousy people
36. ugly people with the same attitudes
37. males/females/others who tend show off nothing but nothing
38. losing points
39. overrated lush for my sensuality or body
40. close persons who need you in problems but tends to leave after.
41. anti-dyiele mi luana
42. freakazoids (kira will be the best example)
43. getting what I have been keeping (buraot will be a great uplift)
44. too much expenses
45. feeling of being of no use
46. quivery feelings
47. cannot think of something to express or to say
48. my being
49. God’s unfair will
50. and millions of reasons not need to mention…

and you wonder why 50 things? Well I lost 50 points from a quiz today. stupid teacher who knows nothing but sexual simplicity. A true dumbfounding horse, you payawal. [an added explicit content but true]

dahil sa inyo napahamak ako. kung hindi lang ako ganun kabait isinama ko keo eh. akoh na nga umako ng lahat ng katarantaduhan nyo tapos… ah ewan, u’ll see the real me, involved person(s). i’m upset, really upset.



~ by protagonist on March 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “fifty things to make me upset.”

  1. Am I missing something???? From the looks of it, I am that number 19 with a bullet reason…Don’t worry man, You’ll beat me someday. Practice makes perfect, that is. Well, anyway, thanks for the comfort you and josh and kris10 have given to me when I needed it the most. Thanks, pals!!! Cheers for you all!!!

    Nanda!!! or Maybe Ces’t la Vie…

  2. waw kilala ko halos lhat ng yan ha!!!


    monay di k lng 19 jan meron pa hahahahahaha

  3. Maybe number 42??? I dunno….

    Cheers La Vie!!!

  4. ganda blog mo!GO!GO!GO!GB!hehe

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