“Bleach” and bridges.

up for grabs are those games I’ve been missing, together with the anime. ignorance these days is a common factor to people of non-experience. need to learn, need to play, need to read, need to communicate. so far I’m missing half the list. starting this point, I’m scratching it one by one.

after the hella’ freakin’ day of not talking about it anymore, my loyal wolf departed the school grounds after we had nocturnal lessons from mam payawal. He had been telling and procrastinating and persuading me on playing this game called “Bleach” and how it had been nurturing their brains for good. Me, as a good friend, let myself be persuaded and tried catching up with what’s new again. we headed to some ghost street near our vicinity and trekked the funeral homes to the point where a pizza store stood corner. I saw that damp place again full of smelly gore.

i’ll be fine as long as I keep my head and nose uptight.

time passes and oh we had our turn. We played this anime called bleach (why am I defining? I’m already watching it in dvds and reading the mangas.) and I found it dumbfounding GREAT! as if I am looking at naruto with a little perception without the optical illusion. The background and… lemme see… everything… DAH! can’t help but to play it again.

unfortunately, my loyal pet Joshua had been granted “sensei for the day” due to this interaction. And unfortunately again, I matched him for my first time playing.

bugbog si joshua. wahaha…
next time ka na bumawi sensei…
hell freezes over. try me.

While scanning my posts here, I found this comment involving my former classmate. This cluster goes for you:

Kamuzta moh koh sa mga tao dyan! Lalu na keh yan2! Nyway, I’ll try to visit there as soon time permits me. and also, spread the URL of this site. It’ll be a help to me and an update from me to you all. tnx Bettina or whoever tumcsian who might read this post and grant the pabor.



~ by protagonist on March 1, 2007.

8 Responses to ““Bleach” and bridges.”

  1. Hah! nuff said! I swiped your ass this evening!!

    LOL!!! Sy is such a cheat!

    Usui ne! Iguze! Bankai! Nanda? Misuteru Kureen-da!!

  2. Did someone said, Nanda!? MISTER CUREAN!!! Hey Josh, I’m not a cheat, the term is cheater for crying out loud!!! And I’m no cheater either… I just kicked your a$$ that’s all…. Sheez!! Why can’t someone accept their defeat!??? Anyway, YOU SUCK JOSH!!!!!

    Nanda!!! or Ces’t La Vie….

  3. nvm guys. we’ll have our nxt times.
    kawawa naman si jeff nuh? d kasama sa riot. hahaha…


  4. Hahaha!! Yeah! He was pretty left out… Konting Lamas lng ng dragon balls mo jeff!!! Nyahahahahaha!!!

    Iguze!!!!!!!! Let’s go to Ces’t La Vie!!! (what!?)

  5. symonne, ganda ng laban nu ni tinglejep sa gundam battle assault 3 ah!! go, strike gundam! LOL! what a happy day, hahahahahahahah!!

    chado sucks! Ishida Uryuu(symonne) sucks!!

    Best Rival: Toshiro(dyiele)

    Taim appu! … DRAW!


    symonne: gundam seed tau ulet, para di naman maxadong nakakadisappoint!

    peria: pkibilisan mu pick-up mu next tym… ang slow mo pgdting sa jokes e! ehehehe LOL!

    locarts: tubol 3x

    we lab u tingeljep!

  6. XeT u Guys PlaY beach where!!!!????!!! grabeh hahaha ngaun alam nyu narin bleach!!! wat episode are u guys on??


  8. but still you both froze in one swing of my zanpakuto. /gg


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