for the sake of having a post.

The following events happened between seven o’ clock and more than few hours to advance till the same number approaches.

Were going to have this science watching marathon and I’m not happy about it because I had this day to be marked late. Due to the frequent lack of sleep and time-consumable works in my pc (which actually I am doing right now), my head hurts in the absence of conscience for time. well anyway, madam caslib let me through even though. After I arrived at the place of camaraderie-tion, i had faced 30 students with one outfit – class shirt. I forgot mine. I forgot to wear it not on last yesterday.

Having to wear the p.e. one, I somehow manage to listen and close. Symonne’s story defines the first sentence I had given. He stated everything nice and duh-nice forming from one to four. My latter post anyway. Oh before I forget, get lost dyiele mi luana stalker. I had more brains than you, for your information. getting back to my topic, after the story thing we end up riding a tricycle going to lores ouch ouch. We had gone there for the reason of supporting “charming”.

Therefore ‘nother boring situation brought upon by the consequences of supporting our own pride and wisdom.

Congrats lola for winning… the eight place. At least you’ve won!



~ by protagonist on February 28, 2007.

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  1. Thank You

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