how long am i keeping the word “friend”?

ideas popped from my mind due to kristen, richmond and best jharmie.

For the past four years of staying in southridge private high school and dealing with all the vicissitudes of the life in it has to offer, I have come to have a post regarding the word called “friends” just today. maybe I have realized that the word might be replaced and/or cherished but never will have had the time again for another times of joyousness. It’s the coming of graduation and I fear of the things that I might leave or things un-done when that day comes.

First year I lived secured with what I have learned from elementary. I never thought girls would be the welcoming. It was aghie, kath, and jhat. Faces I seemed not to see everyday. And there were faces from boys of weird identities. I saw fats, cramps, and whatnots. the stage was full of facades I likely would see when I started living in this barracks of knowledge. i had friends from having shortage of money in my first day. I discover the real mean of having persons of the same age or level at my side. I lived up to them up to a year full of innocence and the formation of a new foundation – for friendship.

Second knits the threads of the past year. I remember gratitude and saving them for another piece of gratitude. Sharing what I have within and what I am feeling. I unveil most of what was hidden in the word and found it very useful and very handful. I had Richmond, lester, jc, perianes, and melody. Close enough for me is to feel enough. The ties bond and one does, not. friend turned to my first high school love. She had none to say, none to express. I was wrong. I missed love. She had these tantalizing, mesmerizing, fascinating and teary eyes to ponder. I missed her, I missed love. just for a friend. I chose friendship over love. Count it. number one. and there were issues that would never be concealed. But then, they did. She lost a chance to me. bwahaha. Second year gets freakier as friends did the same.

Third’s quite fascinating. I faced a friend and backed on to the 32. she was gelline. She had been the only reason why I had the courage to repel every one of my classmates… that I have the rendezvous aura for it. but I gave up on her. gave up for just breaking the stained-glass. closeness without the ness. But the fun doesn’t start with losing one. the friends whose been there, stay. More compact, more freakazoid hacks. Now that’s all I can remember. I missed again, just for a friend.

Fourth… NEVERMIND SAYING! Just an explanation: gas molecules to liquid molecules to solid molecules. that’s it! now i’m going to miss again, if I choose again… a friend.

realization here. I had faced love and lust but never have they leaved me. they justify the means and added the meanings. My lovelife so far doesn’t spark to what I to be but still, they’re there. for the past pasts, I have come to realize that:

  • whatever happens, they’re there
  • whatever the situation is, they’re there
  • whatever you had or not, they’re there
  • whoever you choose, they’re there
  • whichever you decide, support from they’re is there
  • whatever you look like, they’re there
  • whatsoever the number you compress, they’re still your friends
  • even if you’re not that great, they’re still great
  • even if they’re not there all the time, they’re still there all the time
  • even if we had arguments, it adds up the arguments of no one will ever leave anyone
  • even if distance permits, it still permits us to
  • even time gives time, time never broke our promises
  • even we’re… wah there’s too many reasons. My blog would flood. (I’m just getting lazy again, that’s it.)

to summarize, I love every little creature who keeps me busy and happy – happy living life and artywonkies. That’s why I had these attitude of letting go even true love or destiny love or whatever love…

just for my friends. I love you guys.



~ by protagonist on February 27, 2007.

7 Responses to “how long am i keeping the word “friend”?”

  1. “Well I can’t regret it, can you just forget it? I started something I couldn’t finish. If we go down, we go down together. Best friends means friends forever…”

    ARBT/Cool Dudes/Party People/E-gays will never die….

    Ces’t La Veiiiiiictory???

  2. please check your grammar or use tagalog instead.. wag magpaka-trying hard

  3. i’m not asking for an opinion or a grammar lesson, you attention seeker. this site is not built for correcting erroneous grammatical errors. better back off or have i’ll have your head cut off. =)

    make your own utopian blog, you freak.


  4. @ Michikira
    Hey dude! That Ain’t cool. Kung gusto mo ng perfection gumawa k ng sarili mong blog. Tapos lahat ng natutunan mo sa English ibuhos mu dun. Blog to’ ni Jaiveee kaya khit anong gs2 nyang ilagay d2, khit gaano pa ka-mali ung grammar, eh pwede nyang ilagay. Walang pake-alamanan! It’s his blog, not yours…Show some respect for others…Kaw kaya sabihan kong trying hard…

    Sheez!!! Such a sucker, kids these days…

    Whatta Twist!!! Errr….I mean Ces’t La Vie….

  5. wooowh…nyc one kuya sy!..tma k jan..haha..i agree..whahahaha..,

    uhm..crushie…as usual…npaka.pinaka mabait n kaibigan n nkita q..whew!

  6. hello benedict! haha.. no one calls you that there noh? anyways, i love this post. tama, tama talaga (description of friends). sana lahat ng tao ganun..

    remember me? :))

  7. @michikira

    kung di ka nmn sang damukal na tanga ndi mo sasa bihin na mali ung grammar!

    blog to kups kung gusto nya maglagay ng puro numbers at walang saysay wala kang pakielam!!!

    ausin mu buhay mu kups, gumawa ka ng blog kung saan mu ilalagay ang lahat ng kayabangan mu at kagaguhan oki\\\\\

    bobo wag ka maangas!!

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