to be sure.

peria have the chance to accommodate his master in aghie’s house. 7:10 we came. It was a concerto none royale. Papa, el dosa, Raymond, jed and jhat jha. the accomplices to a nice lukewarm night. the foods served, little salty, even best jhatie told it was favoreytie. Sitting on monobloc corsiva and playing papa’s low dying phone. swap, swap swap. argued on me pursuing a vocalist career this night. nope. Seven years is not applicable. Maybe my chosen songs would do. not on the strings oops. anyway, left there after before striking one and one = eleven.

Gasping for tonic they do. wash up the lungs for mint mew. seven strays walk across dim night streets. hesitation no. it was coming late and so far, I’m using optics to reach the loved love. While doing their vitamins and supplements with me and themselves, I shook head for an aim: universe. It was delirium for applying photograph proofs and messing scroll of amplifications. not much to hide, jhat jha was there. telling me that choice is everything, and that is in a hand. kinikilig daw. uror. if she feels the same, maybe.

after a handful of new skills and artywonkies, decided to end a war. picked up a thought for going hometown. used “alay lakad” process. gonna love this moments. After delivering el dosa, left villa for a sleepin trip at home. WARNING: DANGER AHEAD.

Get out of our house”.
ah nevermind the details. sorry guys. next time nlng.


~ by protagonist on February 25, 2007.

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  1. Good site!!!

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