habertdey tu mi.

Explain to many, this conspiracy against me. i am short with obligations and reasons. i hid the conspiracy. lost the chance to unveil. watching the time passes with just bits of proofs. loving the voices speaking softly of the conspiracy. managing the ghost of me stride to the full year of none and full. keeping all the thrown out. giving all the fragile broken pieces resembles many. leaving all the stays and different faces. pasting memories of past in the brown rectangular board. remembering more than I like to forget.

mission accomplished. my birthday turned into an ordinary day. thanks for not exposing it everyone.



~ by protagonist on February 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “habertdey tu mi.”

  1. belated crushie!!!….

  2. eow! 😀 Nice layout a! Hayz, sana ako din pde gumawa sariling layout, di me sanay dito sa wordpress e, sa blogspot lng. xD Pano po ba dito?

    anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog, anu pala IGN mo po and what server? how about sa forums?

    sige po.. un muna.. toodles!

  3. BELATED HABERDEY (Ha-Bear-day) To you man! Now, how bout’ my BERDEY??? OH MY GOSH!!! TOMORROWS MINE!!!

  4. the best cake EVER!

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