worries over…na! =)

Traumatic days are over.

After having the second chance that occurred last night, I am having this temporary bliss to what she had said. But the words that were meant that night is never gonna make me stop doing the… oops. nvm.

I came to school, early, even with some things that blocked my passages. Starting the day with blurry glasses on, I saw none but her. I think rp, ip and her. I see images of everyone and her. and then my thoughts stopped when mam delo came in. she then told us about the outputs and how it will never be of any help at all to the one hundred point. all non-passers would have to consider just their defense portion. big whew, big phew.

Then physics time arrived, which my turn will be. As far as I am seeing with my classmates when I’m discussing, they’re OBVIOUSLY in the far away galaxy. I can say that I proved that I can bring people in those kinds of places, just what I have told in the previous post. muhahaha.

but still, no traces of her, ver.

I haven’t talk to her today. no voice nor speech. not even the telephone ambiance. hearing none of our “ano?!” and “ewan”. no communication. no no no!

can’t hardly catch you. inform me with an mms, would do fine.
I miss you like crazy, my dear anrev.



~ by protagonist on February 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “worries over…na! =)”

  1. Hmmmm?? I thought the worries about her is over, guess I was wrong. But whatever…..

    Ces’T La Vieeeeeeerna!?

  2. ehem.. tae comment…. la lng…

    chillax lng tol hihi….

    LIFE is UNFAIR… isn’t?? eheh la lng..

    chillax. enjoy life..

  3. nc defence. btw, joshua j. to…

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