saved by everything, everyone, and everybody else.

Never thought I was this lucky after watching Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and catching up the same plot of. With the traumatic fevers brought by RP and the worminess due to thirteenth place in the ip, God and voiture sure gave me the time to hammer the moles in my harvest moon.

I put up a 21 reasons (the day today.) list of the inventories / elements / persona who gave me the chance to be optimistic and oh, great.

Thanks thee to:

1. Greatest Manufacturer, God
2. Time, for giving itself itself
3. Joshua, for stashing out 990 words to come up with bombardments of questions
4. Mam Caslib, for taking no break and replacing princess’ place
5. Princess, for having that sound wave research thingy
6. Flor, to let a foundation of support on me
7. Richmond, for pressing on the metal slug spice to the prolonging of the period
8. The Metal Slug who nearly been pressed and support my stress till the end.
9. Zarah, for not knowing she had helped me a lot.
10. Kristine, for the same reason as zarah’s
11. Aj, for pestering Mam Caslib two times
12. The seat to where I am seated
13. air that I breath
14. mind that’s still in traumatic mode
15. the alarming of the bell
16. whoever did rang the bell
17. the tropical ambiance
18. the left visuals
19. my shoes
20. my dress? Haha
21. me

and the others whom I did not mention, well… TYVM (Sir dodie’s newly given acronym coming from a doc, ryt?) ow btw, i had measles… wait… chickenpox? can’t determine due to these i hell don’t determine rashes? but this isn’t sure though. help elp! another unfortunate event to the series. dang.

well nyway, I’ll take you to the galaxies tomorrow guys. many thanks again.


~ by protagonist on February 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “saved by everything, everyone, and everybody else.”

  1. What??? Wait??? Where’s my name??? I did help you determine that TB red spots of yours… Or did I??? Well, Whaddaheck! Ces’t La Vie…Whatta twist!

  2. haLoow my dEar.., yEah, i’m sTunneD huh.. tHankS fOr mEntiOning mEh’..unExpecTed… i wiLl oLweiz be sUpoRtiv,, nO mAteR wAt.. aS LonG aS i cAn oFcOrz.. kuYa..
    bEst oF luCk..
    breAk a Leg..

  3. HAHA! nice one. although i still don’t know what i did for you. guess that’s another HAHA for me. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! :3

    Long Live Ma’am Caslib!
    – Imaginary Empire State Building.

  4. HEY! toodles is such an old word already! you’re not ut’s inventor! WAHAHAHAH! ;D

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