m turning to v.

Left me with all the reasons I was wrong for you.

To let my heart decide and not. traumatic and so far. I forget my sleep and I’m seeking a window sheet to cover this brand new dream. The branches of the maim tree has been dried up and left two parts to cover a letter and the new tree. The shape resembles the past and the only figure to let my wind vane unto south. Undecided on leaving an untuned future or sprouting again another bloom of summer, traumatic clipped again. The shine and the fade might sparkle to the bliss of what I am not; I still reluctantly rejuvenate to a primordial source of all the hatred in the world, negative. I think I will come back. This may mean the return of the jedi… the last jedi.

How about the promises?

I let our story folds just to be sure of what to discover. I let wings take flight, let sounds jostle in thee, let minutia of our love be buried in foremost heaven. I can’t imagine lying by this chair, not knowing what’s happening, what’s the matter and what’s what to you. if you think I take you for granted, then strike that out. You see, the months they don’t matter, it’s the days I can’t take, when the hours move to minutes and I’m seconds away.

Can songs of the heart and me be enticed again?

Let me know if the eyes are enough to see. The feeling of sarcasm and none are bothered by two. Mirrors of what I am seeing are procrastinating. Keep the parade of what we discover astound the most of what we left. I told you time and time again that we were close enough to the stellars, but we just never did. No, you won’t ever get to far from me. Meet me in outer space, firewater and voiture.


to know that you feel the same as i do is a 3 fold utopian dream.
Let me make you feel like I do.
Let me say again i love you.


~ by protagonist on February 20, 2007.

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