just a notice.

TRAUMATIC – word of the week… or so to go.

To think that I’m not yet passing my RP (research paper to be exact), it is enough to prove that my life is taking a miserable turn. I’m typing with earphones on and it only gets harder the more than I know that I’m number thirteen for the investigatory project. The visuals aren’t finish yet and I’m still typing for this blog post. The man-due-date of the rp’s on Friday and still no luck. Addition is the brain in my head who can’t forget Saturday and Sunday of the last week. Making an impalpable way of “I’ve been dying to reach you” again is tremendously outnumbering the ways of not knowing myself again. I was left with all the reasons I am wrong for leaving you, leaving you for the fact that I chose first the education. Now i’ll be just fine, pretending I’m not. gosh I really love this place – the only medium to let my paper heart, my secrets alive and all. But to think that I’m getting that enough misfortune brought by my own miscalculations and not Great Manufacturer’s will, then I’m sure I’m getting toasted as soon I don’t cranked up all the things I needled to do.

Thinking over, we had this achievement test or whatsoever who was more difficult to answer… straight because the English part gave me the reflection of how TRAUMATIC I am right now. The rainbows, the maple trees and the shades of green just added up whole inconsistency of my thwacked thoughts. But to pursue something from the past can be VERY risky, as I thought. But this isn’t the right time to think about what if’s. This isn’t the time to blame myself. This isn’t the time to waste time. This is the time.

I think we have an emergency.



~ by protagonist on February 20, 2007.

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