final destination one.

keeping up all the pages and turning all vacations suspended for this next night till dawn. I haven’t got the point of bragging my words to her or hushing conversations to a futile sense. I lay slept on this sofa, blinking, blinking. Staring close to an upcoming grudge and still doesn’t fit.

i forgot. I’m not prepared for prom night. Wait!

sensual mortality leaks. I rushed towards the broken ceiling, fixed with a stair of wood and carvings. Mom noticed none. I looked and pressed on a blue collared sheet. “this may fit if I may find myself fittable”, so I thought. Open the conversation to mom beth leyva, tita josie, tito ka done and lola inang ena for tomorrow. Now I had three things to hang up myself, I should get a quick break.

a hundred faces to be seen. thirty-four classmates to be with. twenty ladies to dance with. seven important ones. three plates to chow on (i hope). one event to unmask myself.

Prom night’s tomorrow. pray me.



~ by protagonist on February 15, 2007.

One Response to “final destination one.”

  1. nyahah pw protected ka pa ha! haha mukha mo 😀 BTW, sumakit ulo ni kuya gelo… dun sa equation mo…nyahah…pa-genius effect!

    nyahaha…la lang…di mo pa rin mababasa yung PW protected post ko…nyahaha 😉

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