verge of laziness.

Why am I sleeping late but to think that I am not even starting my Rp?!
damn I am lazy.

the statement makes sense. I am facing my personal computer today with past ten on the clock. I haven’t started a single connoting line in my English paper and I’m still working on it, or not. what a complete mess up again. I was planning to do this last Friday because this needs some adjustments to the complications. The first plan had been set to the last day of a school day, but i fail Friday. So on I decided not to regret Saturday. I played legend of mana and failed again the second time for the day. now it’s the last day of the weekend and I’m sitting in my personal computer, typing posts for my blog such as this one, not working on it. now what? I haven’t got the time to finish it and r3’s sure is closed by this time. damn I am lazy. The opportunity days that I sure did finish this task just passed me by. now what? my colleagues who was waiting for me might break up my rule. damn I am lazy. I am in the breach of not passing and passing if this concludes. now what? help, elp, lp.

i… need… you… here… please… stay… or i’ll…

wait and bleed.



~ by protagonist on February 11, 2007.

One Response to “verge of laziness.”

  1. Man, you’re lazy alright….

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