an ideal preparation.

Prom’s Friday and some friends and fiends are beginning and begging for a quick party plan. As far as I am concerned, I am direly enough and capable of a helping hand, that is why one of them sought unto my convenience.


I was having my NEW routine in my pc (don’t ask me. you’ll never relate to this. Joshua and Peria probably) when verni and meeeeeeludeeee came. Distracted by the voices heard outside, I sat at my pc chair still and waited for them to come in (apologies. Nakakatamad). When melody came in, she was then dragged by the half-demon, half-angel little sister of mine. they ran down the house and into the back garage.

While melody and bj were having their childhood whatnots, I was able to communicate to verni in a manner of money many. Blah blah blah blah and then poof! Yes, there you have it. (I should not tell the problem, for his sake also.) it’s not that enough but it can accommodate, somehow. Feeling a little worried about melody, (because she’s with bj, which might cause extreme damage to property if not properly locked up) I stopped our discussion and rushed to and fro the garage and house major. Not seeing the two kids, I rushed down and finally found them on the damp video craze videohan. I then picked the kids and head home once, and for all.

Upon arriving, we saw verni talking with my auntie, uncle, and grand inang lola. They were giving him some VERY neat advices on his WAY too neat problem. to admit it, my family members were definitely right on this manner. If it involves words with letter p and two letter s involved, then I’m sure negative to expenses and not negative to what you are holding right now or what you might not be holding right now is the BEST way, for sure.

Words of advice verni: time- / effort- / p- is only equal to rent-


p.s. ui melody hindi keo mag-aaway ni bj noh. Nagdadrama lng ung batang yun. Teehee. Btw, easy ka lng. Xadu ka namumublema sa problem huh.


~ by protagonist on February 10, 2007.

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