serving next: left without the undies.

Why do always have to deal with indecency day? things just got worst and worst every day, stepping on a way. munch munch but I think this can somehow catch your senses.

Watch her loose senses. Watch her loose the undies. Watch her left it at home. watch it be replaced by two handkerchiefs. Watch her do it under the table. Watch the meatballs. Watch the pornography. Watch the vivid landscape. Watch the land of the rising sun. watch the most seen mountains of wisdom. Watch her do it again. watch the zipper that my cat apprentice left off. watch the inside and take a peek. Oops. Watch her laughs and quiet comments. Watch cool dudes respond. Watch them shiver. Watch them crawl down the spine. Watch the pornography again. watch and peek through.

Watch, watch, watch.



~ by protagonist on February 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “serving next: left without the undies.”

  1. First comment here, eh…. Well, what can I say??? She loves the word “Indecent”. Indecency here, indecency there indecency in wisdom’s lair… To bad, her gimmick didn’t work well. We still noticed her missing blind spot eventhough she wearing this Camo…. Hehehehehe What sharp eyes we’ve got…

    Ces’t La Vie

  2. hahahahaha…dat’s all i can say…

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