source of a wisdom.

Having the companionship of kath, I was petrified everytime. Due to the humid climate we had this day, I was mending my feelings to a temperate one, showering fellow mates with unbearable laughter. And with kath as close I was that day, I can’t help but give all reasons to adjust people’s thoughts that somehow might aggravate – or suppress coldness. I achieved it when one person of the same level declared that mam tapsi’s quiz gave us a nice, unfair and obviously, unfair quiz. Due to some instant intuition, the unfairness gave me a consolation prize: a warm hug (find out whom).

As the morning till noon humid climate stagnates, the time didn’t. kath and I eventually left each others’ companion after physics because she’ll be going home by then, and because she left cotillion for some matters I need not to mention for. I tagged along with donna (since she was the only one left at the room) and decided to trace the steps of our classmates. Undecided on the first plan, we reached for the gym and I, leave her there. I finally realized that I haven’t passed my recommendation so I picked it up and directly head to the office of the principal.

Enter the room where students haven’t had the guts to come in. it was well fortified with unbearable knowledge and wisdom. The glamorous and gallantly luxurious things compared to outside world, made the people shatter outstand. It was the principal’s office, the place where you might see about two to three persons entering in a day. afraid of bombardments that might come their way.

I knocked and found out that my pet lawolf’s there. he was talking to the highest authority in our surface that we’re standing right now. as I give the letter, they invited me to a conference of three. We started talking about…



~ by protagonist on February 7, 2007.

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