i’m busy, times three.

Now everything’s getting a little worst and worst, day by day. there’s so much on my scheduled list and the time’s not sufficient to fulfill my greedy needs. Frankly, I had not noticed myself granting the gap from Nvolwb Nzxzyfszb. Just starting with the late RP’s is giving me the wholly world creeps. Good thing one person had the same perception (not to mention the name, to hide identity). By the time I had the first, another one came. Silent drill whose giving us, drillers and some cotillionaires an add-add. Fortunate enough and not having the dance twigs, I somehow manage the spare time to the drill only. teehee. Still, I came home just as dinner is about to be served at our dinning tables.

Gosh I missed r3.
Gosh I must play legend of mana.
Gosh I need to finish my research paper
Gosh I had no more paperbacks
Gosh I need an internet connection
Gosh I don’t have the time for a blog post.
Gosh I need to polish sir dodie’s author’s page
Gosh I need more Gosh

…I need time for everything! hectics once again guys.


~ by protagonist on February 6, 2007.

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