retreat-cing roots.

It’s time once again for other days to spent time without all the worries I had and to escape virtual reality, especially the keys to be stroked once my mind played a musical note.

I assemble arbt at our house for the departure. josh, rich, symonne and gelline were then there afterwards. We left once we regain control of our senses towards bj. We head straight to r3, but with added companion: Jeffrey. We spent one hour of nothingness, true insights for dota. After which, there we go to destination unknown. Upon arriving, we saw the lush green environment and the stillness of time surrounding the gates of our lady retreat house. We started grazing through the staircases and cemented highways. Then so so events followed.

We were presented to this persona who headed our retreat. He was called fray ricky for such matter. Remembering the Spanish period with the so-called “prayle”, I might admit he can be compare to one. teehee jowk. He spit out words containing pure wisdom but with traces of peanuts. So far, I am enjoying the time allotted for this because it makes me feel that this time surely would not be wasted, or so I thought. Btw, they don’t let us bring watches, so it makes us impossible to know what’s happening outside. Nice idea eh?

Within the stay, I was having some nostalgia moments when I lay down on damp grass area there, together with kira, tim, jeff, josh, idda and giovs. It was a pleasant experienced to be lying on grass again. teehee. I saw the gray skies with no stellars. a plane just flew by. The rustling of the trees above me just makes whispering of voices. I need a camera, I need one!

Fray ricky taught us social studies, Filipino literature, self-definition, spelling suggestion, goal attainment, sex, sex, sex, and preventing it. he told us about how listening can be avoided when one thing is to be done, which is minding nothing. he preach us the value of family… and their members. Now this gets emotional.

For all this time, I had this feeling that I would not be able to suffice my hunger for his presence. At first, he gave me everything. he was there all the way. he let my inspirations be his inspirations too. he let me lead the way, letting him follow. He wakes me up to what was happening around, not knowingly by me. he was then the medium of God to make me complete and to let God’s blessings be passed unto me. he was great. he was my father. He was my lost father. Now I’m trying to find a way to bring him back. Bring back the old him and reconciliation for the family. But where are you now? mountains, I guess. Say dad, you do care, you really do… you really care up to now, please.

…I cried.

No matter how hard I try to put my two fingers in the left and right corner of my eyes, (my versional joke), it doesn’t seem to manage. The atmosphere to fill the session hall seemed to be moving into something recreational. I heard weepings and howls, including mine. emotions definitely moved to what was fray ricky was saying, accompanied by the tape with a father’s voice (which I can hardly hear). He then let us moved to some area where God may let us do the trick. I sat down the place where I last lay on. I then shook my head off, sit and started to bow. I was thinking the same same same same thing. thinking that God would be anywhere, I know he’s here, somehow…to hear my words.

Now The Drama is over. I then realized that I am hugging my classmates one by one. can’t hardly see the view, I just feel their presence around me. two hugs for melody. Please, can I repeat? thanks everyone. Thanks for the years moments, experiences and everything. I love you all guys.

with all the dramatic sightings, I was having Kathleen’s Baboy Syndrome. Everytime we eat there, I let myself ate too much, which isn’t enough. Due to the fact that I am accompanied by Kathleen herself in the same table, awch. let’s just eat, eat, eat. (Muntik pa nga akong kainin eh). and she’s right to what she said: “eating can make you forget problems sometimes.”

Still, the retreat I had this year is not like my grade six one. I remember the time, same time when I cried. If this year they gave us letters coming from one parent, last grade six they let one came and let them share some time with us.

…that is when my dad came. [tears flowing]


~ by protagonist on February 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “retreat-cing roots.”

  1. ahehehe, but hell, i didnt know the part about ur dad, maybe if i have spended much more time wid u then i could’ve known u much more better, but hey, im still ur frend ryt?!?

    haha madrama naman,

    pero doode,


    matatapos na rin HS life ninyo, those memories wouldn’t fade, it would still leave a mark to that part that doesn’t forget….Heart ^_^




  2. 2..dmi qng n22nan at narealize. . tsk.tsk..and also because of dat..nalaman q ung bout s dad mu…dmi mung tinatago huh..nwei,,.if u hav problems..u can talk 2me nmn..’m just chat away..whahahah..joke..uhm..just lyk wat u’ve done 2me..dmayan din kta anytym u fil sad or kpg my prob k..u cn count on me..crushie..
    bka dmu lng alam.,,problem absorber din 2oh..hehe..muka lng nde dhil mukang lging d xeryoxo peo wen it cums 2 friends…n nanga2ilangn ng help..serious nmn aq..haha..lau n ng narating ng comment q huh..chige

  3. “Magingat ingat kayo kay Ben, dahil kapag yan ay nagalit hindi ninyo magugustuhan”- Small fat ball like guy…

    ohhhhhhh Scary……

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