it’s never been a mousehunt…

since when did this happen? =p

As if I am about to be eaten once this creature look unto me. as if my face is soo mesmerizing. But honestly, I am mesmerized every time you look straight into my eyes. How big that cat eyes. Oohhh…

Reading the long orange-colored palangca letter, I have decided to write something about this kath. I mean literally, kath. No more blind items because what could be hidden if you were always there, just scratching and sneaking, waiting for me to be alone and to be eaten whole, right? teehee. But I admit it; I would rather be eaten by you than anyone else out there. (stray cats, stray dogs, stray whatnots)

the past years I have never cherish animal life with you. we became impossible to reach and impossible to hold when friendster came upon our senses. It was a duel with a cat and a mouse. Our once friendship disintegrate in just a half-step away. But what can I do? I’m just too focused on one side and not about you. I’m sorry, up to this point.

due to the hindrances, we did not able to communicate any closer than before. I remember last time that your bf is getting jealous on how I came close to you. wait. How did it happen when I am a mouse and you’re a cat? Nevermind answering the question. Just glad that even friendship can close such rivalry among animals. Teehee

now this is last year that I might came close to this cat. I may not be able to return those lost moments and laughter. We might simply look at each other, again and again. but one thing’s for sure:

when the kath is out, the mouse is whatnots

…meaning, thanks for being the only rivaled creature to face me without having the temptation to eat me. thanks for all understandings. Thanks for being there. thanks for the love. love you my dear pussykathleen! (yan meh post kna. Kuntento kna? Angas moh kxe eh).



~ by protagonist on February 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “it’s never been a mousehunt…”

  1. I like the pic:)

  2. “I remember last time that your bf is getting jealous on how I came close to you.”

    I wasn’t thinking that you two might get attracted to each other.. nothing like that. It’s just that I was suppose to be her bestfriend. That’s what she told me but it doesn’t seem that way.. not anymore.

    Honestly, I somehow envy you.. right now. She gave you “the long orange-colored palangca letter”. I asked her to write me something too. Well, she tried.. but it seems she doesn’t have enough time or interest to finish it.

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