something to do again with destiny.

remember the post i gave the last time which illustrates a pathetic creature (that would not be me, for this matter) and how he flaunt his/her intelligence? I might answer my own question… the question to be somehow amusing on my part. the question is this one: who did threat me on pursuing me on something and telling me that destiny would soon be destroyed yet? dang.

Analyze this for your own self study, mr. unknown.

The white facade opens wide. They will never know that we should start it. hour and one to a morning sunset. Rays glows in skinny, hairy, smooth skin. It was from the curtain shades of green. Come forth my servants. Give up another time for this. Let the creature sat on totter pedestal. As come and forth, movement of hands speeds up the time for doing the once in a lifetime. Now it’s decided. You’ll never know me, you’ll never know. Starting to engrave the destiny destroyer mark, never knew. Clicking life away, navigation stops on the spasm. A trace of nonsense found. it was never a good idea putting something very mudblood. But webswings intertwine with others, forcing information too dazzling to be considered as the Da Vinci Code two. String one connects strings two. Tracking number is all we need right now. thanks IP, thanks.


~ by protagonist on February 3, 2007.

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