i’m there?

Wait a minute, wait a minute. why did these photos include me?! teehee…

Looking at my expression here, damn I was really bored to what was happening back then. Fionna failed and some bands of interest are already finished. Result? there goes sleepy me, drowning thoughts on nine thirty. Zzz… (mukang emo na naluge amf)

emo as looks, as it was i, sleepy.
from left: my melody, begnie, me, jeymeow, famela basilio! (there’s jeffrey at the back, i think.)

Here’s another one. I was aware of this one but I didn’t know I was the only one to have such facial expression!
Haha… wait. there’s my melody, again, but… (insert Make Damn Sure’s refrain here)

bittersweet. =p
from left again: faye, ghe ghe, naughty patty, verni, melody and me. (again there’s someone behind, smiling. guess who?)

these photos are courtesy of our yahoo group and and by irwin also.
here’s the link for those who are endlessly asking me:



~ by protagonist on January 31, 2007.

One Response to “i’m there?”

  1. Nsan ung pichure kow!????

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