what does making it happen have to do with destiny?

If you have plans there, better not to continue it.. if you don’t want to get things worse.. and if you don’t want to destroy destiny.. think about it… wisely..

another blackmail / threat.
is this about how i acted or how i will act towards melody? dang.

will you talk more intelligently? I’ve been spending this high school day with bliss when you suddenly bulge into this project, leaving two similar comments that are considered spams that brought not even close to turmoil on me. nice try “unknown”. I suggest next time that you mend your own destiny first before creeping into someone’s. it’s not like you’re having some time of your life, eh?

looking back at history 101, I was attacked once by this dementor. That day, I remember nothing else but pure courageousness and thrown boastfulness. To think about it, I have regain my own self even two geostigmas attacked my delirious conscience. So far from the experience, I was left with things not to be in the state of consideration anymore. This statement is backed up by my post underneath this. But this paragraph is just our knowledgeable guess. who knows, he/she might not be the culprit. im just scared, scared that that person would be the person that I am thinking right now. I might blow my head off.

But to create this no-hesitation and undoubtfulness, I will face this unknown, if he/she will face me as well. face me, or you’re just scared to?

haha. hanggang salita ka lang pare koi.

~ by protagonist on January 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “what does making it happen have to do with destiny?”

  1. ah………………………Yeah!

    Ces’t La Vie

  2. FIrst of All, pwede bng mahaba ung pangalan dito?? HaHa.. well anyway, do you hve the idea who is this unknown? Di tlaga aq mka-relate tlaga eh.. napag-iiwanan na ata ako.. sna kilala mo rin kng cno 2.. ako ang nagiisang.. jeff! haha.. nyc evening..

  3. ha?

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