“kristen + me = war over _________”

you know who you are. you know how deleterious have become; your name fits perfectly on the space there. now it’s time for you to read our insights on you.

I thought it was over. i just thought. if it was for that burden i would never be enlightened once again. as far as I am seeing, why did you suffer from enviousness? are you not contented with your humble abode and sacred circles?your impurities gave us two nothing but nonsense. you treat her like she was never had to have a chance to be in bliss. I have once faced your doom but successfully proclaim a worldly peace. now, your starting it again in another’s state. how come you never become happy with your own self? Do you despise others because you can hardly look yourself up in a mirror? Wake up. You’re not that great to look at. I sure had the looks more than you. die pretender. I said it the second time around. Start your life in another manner. I’m so sick of all the things that I’ve been hearing. things that includes you. such a shame to be a “magna” but had the greatest stigma in personality. bleach your attitude freak coz I’m about to bring you to a laundry shop.you can twist and turn anyone on manacles but never will I be. And why do you think that you had been eminent ever? you might need a little height there. ill will for you having everything, but knowing nothing. by the way, you are no God for not accepting apologies. For all we know, even God forgives. Maybe you didn’t know that, am I right? due to the fact that you hardly can’t solve mathematical problems or a simple conundrum. such a shame, such a shame. i advice you to get some books and start reading. or maybe, use your fish brain googling for answers behind my questions. wait. do you know how to do it? just type google.com in the address bar and…oh never mind. you will never learn anyway. Just diddle flirting.

Can I call you pathetic? Hmm… yes. I can call you anything I wanted to, bitch.
I’ll avenge Kristen. So choknat koh, this one’s for you.


~ by protagonist on January 28, 2007.

10 Responses to ““kristen + me = war over _________””

  1. hahaha…tnx crushie…tnx tlga.,last night i wasn’t feeling well dhil s cpon at ubo..+ dumagdag p ung kalungkutang un!shit..peo tnx tlga spongebob!..nakx.haha..yaan mu n un,..lang kwentang kpitbhay lng nmin un..whahaha…tnx 4d advice..bkt nga b q pa2apek2 dun…bsta hapi nq nd contented…un ang im4tante dun,,lipat nlng aq ng bhay para dq nxa mkita,,whahaha..pakagat qxa s aso nmin eh..wakekek..(mwon b?)..haha.subrang tnx tlga..drama q nuh,,haha…

  2. your pleasure, my pleasure choknat koh.
    remember, i’ll always be here for you in facing such kinds of reasonings.


  3. 20/20 situation. Whatever tomorrow brings we’ll be ther, with open arms and open eyes, yeah!

    Ces’t La Vie

  4. naks nmn….c oddy pa ang pic. nia!!! kailn p yan?! kaw ha?
    hehehe… palangka letter q ah….

  5. ?? I believe I am missing out too much upon everyday that I exsist to be… nice verbatim though!

  6. Hmmmm? What is this? The dog replied??? That Can’t be right? Is it really our dog Joshua!!!???
    Well, whatever….

  7. ey yoh big bro… cute ng mga pics. ah puro baby oddy hehe…. kaw ha……

    -Natal Angel 27-

  8. i was looking for a romantic gift but it gave me your link! You know anything about it?

  9. Uh, one gerbil is far more admonishing than this inaudible porpoise.

  10. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

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