sound check.

A little knock back jinx.

It’s the day of overflowing bands. I’ve been dying to watch live performances since the last time I watched Philippine harmonic orchestra and Taking Back Sunday. of course, the day will start just like a Friday schedule would be. Not much to talk about, so skip the part. I just only remember the Combinatorics of Sir Carubio and hyperactiveness of czarin… and don’t forget, “her” teary eyes (not czar).

Five o’ clock it started. The place isn’t that crowded as I was expecting it to be. Southridgians stood there waiting for some blast coming from the amplifiers. Not too long, Kristine and Stephie started it…gloomy. Mind you, i thought this event won’t come up well and so I thought. Looking from back and sides, I saw people of non interests because my eyes are on her, infront. She was watching the bands like she was some child there (right symonne? oh btw, congratulations pare koi) Back from the topic, I was in a glitch of boredom when the bands I wanted to play did rose from behind. tada. Fionna…FAILED!

excelsior amf. gumagapang sa guitars. yumuyuko sa drums. teehee.

And there were Mirza, and Libretto, and Unhealed Stitches and never mind the rest (sorry poor guys). Unluckily I didn’t have the shots for them. I didn’t even have the video for it. dang, dang, dang. for more of it, check out their blogs (their URL’s in my sidebar).

Look at the bright side. —— > bright

I am having this solitude for such musics when patricia starting giving me the nuts because she was taking over my emotions. She picked up melodina and drags her along mine. getting a little silly, I grab her on the petite arms and never let go. Chweet quarrel occurs. Let’s get these teens’ hearts beating faster, faster. well I know she know, everything. I know I didn’t mean it, but she did mean it. now the wind of change blew over the stillness of the southridge grounds. We lay together, just not too close, too close. Something corporate must happen. I must take back Sunday and let leaves fly. Now I am telling myself, “make damn sure. make a move or not.

What a summer romance.


~ by protagonist on January 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “sound check.”

  1. Fiona Failed Rocks!!!!! Oh yeah, many thanks man for your undying support….. I LOVE ARBT! Don’t worry if ever you’ll encounter problems concerning the little brat (If you know what I mean) I’ll be glad to help….

    Ces’t La Vie….

  2. nice one! 😀

  3. naks!

  4. congrats! 😀

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