defined as “serendipity”, for kids.

mind game or a board game of othello maybe. But believing in symonne’s phrase which stated that, “there isn’t such a thing as coincidence. All happens with a reason”, i diddle this time trying to find reasons for what had happened.

At first, my clouds are behind the sun again. way too hot in this spot. As I gasp for air, teresita yuan gave us the burden of checking midterm finale papers. Checking it would be the equal reaction. Complaints are eliminated. After checking, we returned our papers and… serendipity for kids number one: melody has my paper. With next thing to do, I grab onto the time taken to ask her and talk milliseconds.

Closing deal number one, we head to AVR for again, career guidance. I was pulled by czar to that point because she wanted companion, so I thought it would be better for a change. I come with her this time. we were having side comments and famela basilio discussions for fun. Row two we sat. listening, moaning, yawning. After history telling and decision-not-changing, the promo part proceeds. They let us fill some information papeles and let them drew it for pin fad ions. First name called, second, melody, me, another, another, last. Wait. Why am I called next to her? wait, wait, wait. Do you get a point?! three sections. thirty-four, forty-two, I don’t know number of students occupying that room. Hell how did that happen? Make that serendipity for kids number two.

Just after what had happened, we met up again with teachers who were in dire need for help (checking papers). AP Time and no time to lose vowel movements, I suddenly had this “care” for czar who was having her midnoontime nap, I volunteer by grabbing her red pen in order to continue her ordeal. Wait. There’s something before this one. hmm… ah! It was English time. we checked again papers that will equal the time to lose the whole period. Not surprisingly, I checked melodina’s paper. But the excelsior hesitation here is papers are checking vis-à-vis. Serendipity three for kids.

Left with just events to give my reasons to, I used Sir Carubio’s newest topic, which is Combinatorics to find out the probability between those events and between those events in a day. and the number is sum up to… 1,351,215,425,131,312,218,125 ways.

Try using a tree diagram to find that three serendipity ways.



~ by protagonist on January 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “defined as “serendipity”, for kids.”

  1. wui! teach me how to do dat pix thingy! hehehe

  2. Ah…. My goodl ol’ phrases huh?

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