Daisy Vermillions

What am I experiencing? anti-gravity and caustic finale.

What is more likely expressed when I’m alone.
The distress I am covered by with tears.
Too late to say I’m sorry.
You’re too late because I’m already parting heaven.
My hobby store’s closed and paper backs are all rollbacks.

Experienced paranoia, second time around
Lose outer space for seven reasons
Can I forget these things?
And give up my life to be… with you?

Hysterical ashamed and way tossed
due waiting for all of you
Pages of massive implication burned
Tell me how my music’s be played
Know quotidian melancholy melody

silence, for you. all, not even close.
the next daisy with vermillion twinkle sparkles
gasp for me, the only you

Experienced paranoia, second time around
Lost outer space for no more reason
I now forget the things.
And give up my life to be… with you.

But vermillion daisies are like four leaf clovers
Spreading none but deeply blue nonsense
I’ll entangle you and escape destiny dice…

…brought by neverland so nice.

Title: Daisy Vermillion (My Archive – Song #14)
Date Composed: 2007-25-01
Composer: John Benedict Leyva

p.s. ask me about the chords. au revoir.

~ by protagonist on January 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Daisy Vermillions”

  1. Hollywood Holiday??? C’mon man! I know you can do better than that….

  2. Better…

  3. reminisce. hehe. who would like to play this last compo?

    maybe i should compose again. rotfl.

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