let this be a simulation!

Six thirty is the absolute departure. going to wake up by lilo alarm clock. Set it unto four.

The alarm reminded me to wake up by four, exactly. The breakfast’s set for today: ham and gardenia bread again (yesterday’s and yesterday’s yesterday menu). The fact that it was easily cooked with non-a-pinch cooking oil, it still suffices my cravings for food. Before i forgot, I should hurry. NCAE day it is.

Riding with the wind is the best bet to deal and dealt morning rush. I picked the wrong transportation because it goes to the route of central elementary school, where the rush is held. Fortunately, the time is just nuff to have a knack-knock chat with melodina.

The simulation is definitely different from the real thing. montoya’s way of expressing it made it creepy on my part (due to jitsy attention spot). Our proctor has a linkage to mam delos reyes’ sumulong legend, so that makes it more comfortable (rather than the simulation). Starting the test, I was definite to what I will answer. Looking at the items without pain and answering it with ease. never had the heartbeat or palpitations for this kinds. Truly easy, I think.

Succeeding events are just the same as I am going home. now I am realizing the facts that why some people love going to school. since I am enlightened, here’s are some reasons of:

1. daily allowance
2. acquired knowledge
3. melodina – my melody, my melody.
4. people’s lives I messed up
5. ARBT / cool dudes
6. czar’s braces
7. miracles I encounter along the hallways.
8. and all reasons that I would like to enumerate but might take time if.



~ by protagonist on January 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “let this be a simulation!”

  1. What the heck is this?? Oh whatever… Gus2 ko lng i-promote ang latest battle koh sa mega.. initial D 3rd stage dogfight.. i’ll be there.. pila lng kayo, isa isa lng autograph… tnk you

  2. how’s the test btw?

  3. hmmm…….. odettes again?????????

    hahahah… tol, gud luck…

    ang dami nio n s knia ah??????????

    bhala nga kau… bsta, kht cnu s inio pede n skn… c oddy nmn ang pi2li eh….


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