humidity snow.

The sun’s hidden and the clouds seemed to care about what will happen to me again. cold breeze is passing through the six by six holes of wisdom window. This place who gave me enough sweat every afternoon is now turned into a mixed emotion provider. the fact that the air is so blessed today, I definitely had the gasp for it – for everything was shared.

I brought my flattened project for some finishing, maybe not. it requires cutting, taping, semi-pasting, constructing and painting. Unexpectedly, I was given too many reasons to rain my gratitude and thank you. perianes and giovanni was there to tell me that I must begin the unfinished business. Starting up, perianes gave all the necessary things to do to let the job as fast as he might do it. overdoing it, I was somehow accompanied by Giovanni. After several parts assembled, I manage to finish it… without the precise measurements. Now the only problem is the paint. Before continuing, let me cut this one first.

As I was saying, the air is blessed. So then I breathe in, for you share it with me. this day is wild, so calm and dull. These hearts we raise from self-control. Your eyes are still teary as you stare mine. we’re doing fine, were doing nothing at all… aren’t we? I observed, you seek mine, I seek yours. But I still remember the sound of your vocal chords. It’s the best thing I can ever remember. And there’s this time of the clock when i realize that there’s only time that we share together. so then I might drop down, dead. but my hopes for you are so high that your kiss might kill me, so won’t you kill me?

Distraction occurs – the girl who I remember the scent of her hair that tweaks with her fingers – czar. She was bombarding too many words to let my face be a source of a sunny morning. Even distracted, I manage to let her company a bliss as bliss was shared within our seats. But my project isn’t finished yet. Paint, paint. The last person that could probably share me some is the prospect that they were linking on me – dina. With so much energy and face factor, I came to their circle and told them about my white figure. Patricia, Giovanni again, melodina, eyjay, Jeffrey and perianes were there, finishing melodina’s and other own figures. Suddenly they grab my figure and dada… it was painted with gold. The paint used and owned by dina herself. Did she permit me? think not. think yes. It happens. What more could have done? many, many thank you my melody. Never mind the payment. Beh. Cut again.

Seemed to stop my breath from the bless. hear your voice again. my heart’s stop beating such chase of what you’ve said. I’m melting in your eyes. I lost my place, could you stay awhile? And I’m melting in your eyes, like my first time that I caught fire. Stay with me now. Every second I’m without you, one more mess. Trust these words I spoke, are you listening? Just stay with me, lay with me now.

I’m melting in your teary eyes…



~ by protagonist on January 16, 2007.

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