It’s Monday melody day. Expect to have a long post.

way too hay to say hey for a quick yehey. My eyes were like melody’s teary eyes, too. my mom cooked the ham to aggravate me by making me use a fork to eat them when I am enjoying to eat it with my bare hands. Dangling modifier. I lost my appetite for that reason I don’t know why. Jumped out of the chair ceiling and climbed above my room. Irritated, I slept. After anger management, I soaked myself on our bathtub (as if we have one) and lather on a luxurious ten million vinyl soap (such thing?). before departure, I then strummed cuz’s guitar for thirty minutes after school premises.

Stepping on same es pee eych es ground with cold weathered feet, I was attended with “panget” and engrande mono by the inspection table. Passing by the middle patio I am stared with same southridgian students before heading the staircase. Giovanni passed by, leaving a clue to an assignment. I rushed upstairs and found bunch of classmates writing a semi-full cramp sheet papers. Math or physics? Get a pen and find a one whole paper. Monay eventually gave me the codex to qualify myself to the unwritten assignment. After which, the bell rang. It was the same general assembly to be held.

Lesson number one: prepare your props in manner of checking it first before using.

Filipino time and everyone is drop down busy on their play roles. As for me, I am whining the wowowee shout out after every scene picked for it. the motions they were having are a huge success for our part because we were having fun while we were making fun out of them (catch that?). donna with some unethical performance, beann with beta dine insomniac, princess’ crispin – sisa transition, melody’s outfit similar to a bunutan vendor every fiesta, together with panget’s raft skateboard draft. One by one they portray great performances…I think (nvm mam yuan)

Lesson number two: Nursing is definitely the same thing as to B.S. Nursing

We have a career guidance after the extended Filipino subject. It was the sienna college of taytay (shet I miss my hometown). Assembling at the AVR with ready-placed chairs, we decided to find a better place to sit on. We are then placed on the third-to-the-last row of the compression. Now I am seated with ease as I am. but great emotions and hallucinations enter as melody transferred to her seat going to the seat placed behind me. she then comes forward and had a chit-chat with me about several new topics. We were definitely having fun throwing sensible and non-sensible jokes. Who would criticize my way of words such as saying “filot” rather than pilot? And who would disgrace the sienna name as “sierra”? same goes for their field tours in other migrations like “MongKong” and “ShuangHai”. maybe their identification card that features a whole body picture for melodina due to her height or maybe because of the neckties for their school attires… which also a degradation that goes for melodina. Step on the neckties oddy. teehee.

Lesson number four: Seek for revenge first before finding another victim.

Right after NCAE simulation, carlo and I rained some bunch of classmates with temporary laughter. We manage to sell our green filthy humorous obnoxious vicissitudes to gals and guys with perpetuity. Even the minds of these urban youngsters have such definite attitude towards sex, they (or simply us) have their own way of expressing testosterone flow in a manageable level of conversation. Good thing wisdom have us.

Lesson number five: What’s in party of three when two lover’s enough?

Simultaneously occurring in the above event was the nuptial meeting held by three personatas in class – starting with ginger, to mole and up to “amo mo ba kita?” kid. Before they team up as three, I was with them having bits of hearing to sense the atmosphere they were having. So far with what I was doing, I was having a hard time with all the thoughts they were blathering about, so I decided to leave the company. Who knows what happen there? But I suggest that the “kid” should be eliminated to feel the rush of harlequin within.

Lesson number six: Must have been love, but it’s over now.

Despise me if this might come absurd. But despising me won’t do any good on you. I hate to say this but when time gives me moment of giving the time for this somebody, should I share it then? Sharing it with the person whom i loved before but still has the same flicks whenever eyes connect? It means more to me than the feeling of self-denial and music-denial. trying to lessen the burden brought by stupid industry, i escape. still, serendipity, maybe destiny or just coincidence, probably hallucination, quite imagination, I suppose, or just the need for my presence or company that brought you again in my industry. No matter how I turn myself into somewhat better, I stare at you, finding your eyes as the lighthouse that keeps the way of the fest. Such teary sleepy eyes you had. you stare at me like I was about to eat you. remember, I am probably 3 inches taller than you. joke. but now, I don’t know if continue and pursue were the words to be taken care of. like I said earlier, it might just be dreaming for nothing to come. better make damn sure.

Lesson number seven: What’s with my melody anyway? It’s definitely MY melody.


~ by protagonist on January 15, 2007.

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  1. Its always about Melody isn’t, it? Actually, B.S Nursing thingy was rather funny….

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