the ps party

The plan is set for the freakiest party console ever.
We found an alternative to lessen the risk of money stashing flyffing.

One thirty of January thirteen and we are still aren’t fed with webbie twigs. After what happened last night, I am trying to find a source of entertainment without attending a money treating café. But the time is not good for a sport fest, neither a great tennis math match of something. gameboy seemed a little psyche out. Card games have lost its touch on our lives. Board games have no boards provided. Idiot box has no featured idiots who might catch up some attention bugs. So what? we end up ten o’ nine for thinking everything on purpose.

Suddenly, my mind’s set on one… pee ess one.

They all agree on my serving suggestion. The nutrition facts seemed a little preferable on the Dietary fiber and the Regular Daily Allowance of us, Filipinos. Tomorrow’s the big day. Checklist covered.

collection is nuptial.

Everything’s set and red. We had dealt with the most wanted party ever made since Local Area Network is not available. by doing this, every kids of all ages in our neighborhood seemed to be delighted with dance dance revolution competition that we were having. We spent almost the whole time equivalent to my r3 marathon with making everyone enjoyed to games that we play and made them play. Games that we featured includes crash bash, dance2x revolution, dragonball GT, bust a groove (most likely a more complicated version of audition), and a hell lot to play for. the party’s on until ten o’ nine. We stop till we drop down dead feets.



~ by protagonist on January 13, 2007.

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