hyper aggression.

the tea’s out. blink your eyes. it’s raining cats. the people circling me found glory. i am a new found one. shimmer, oh shimmer. Hey, it’s the time I’m longing for. talk to me, talk to you. let me feel that I’m here with you. put your hands around me. cuddle me like you just don’t care at all. Run and stop. Look for the last clue within. You will fall asleep tonight. I’m sure, probably. Laugh and laugh till you drop. Wash your teeth’s brushed. Keep in the only company. Clean up the slate for more. Burn the place alive. Bury the sky. Wind passes through my veins. What more could I get. Just say something. turn you heads on thee. mirror to watch them die. crawl for help. crave for me. save you till I not. jester is fast appreciating. lost within your emotions. blurry watery eyes. Stare at me, three seconds, enough. Giggle and chuckles throw. Scream and shout, scream and shout.

What more can you expect from a IV-Wisdom break time other than this?



~ by protagonist on January 12, 2007.

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