we need some adjustments to our schedule right now because r3 is having its closure for I don’t know reason why. The fact that it was a Thursday evenin’, elliptical moon shimmering, I still didn’t think that they bring us down to the day when we needed them the most. no more r3 day. we stroll around the patio of kalliope street and kleo 19 intersection to find some computer shops to offer a great value like r3 did. we stumbled with a café named “Tribu ni Onard”, which doesn’t make any good impression on my part (even the name, so to speak). Upon occupying five chairs for our flyff zzamen, the proctor told us that the hailed glory game called flyff is not patched up in this tribe of onard. stupid morons for putting up a game without the updates. left the tribe full of crappy sane after 6 minutes.

Stroll stroll stroll. Run run run. Afterwards, cuz mac decided to gave us a portal to a web café which could probably suffice the need for flyff. he pointed the place where he played a plague. disgusting façade, untidy looking window sheets. nevertheless odd seemingly creepy. Sit, sat, stay were the only leftie thingy to doie. They open the patcher, I open this blog. They started playing, I started posting. Five posts I had left here, frown faces left on their faces.

ang bagal dito!

Spice up the volume by playing o2 jam. no, no. no. stupid idea for playing half of the hour for lag processing keys in sandwich’s sugod. And then WE all end up playing DOTA on a what the fuck mode basis. No, I mean hyphen letter dabalyu, letter ti and letter ef. who would understand? where was I? ahh… we were about to end our hour here by paying eighteen pesos and try to leave the place for make damn sure. No more flyff, no more speedy internets, no more o2 jams, no more wtf’s.

i will stop spending money for three months. See you in April fools.



~ by protagonist on January 11, 2007.

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