having this five fighting struggle hours. snuggle. people leave and left this place in hours or short. I am left once, sometimes all. talked to silly strangers and gal admirers. sumulong people. when will they learn a habit of shutting their mouths while in this place? duh I hate their nonsense talk, especially the weakling dota boys. the sumulong girls are seemed more of a solitude. nothing much to ask. just don’t stare at my face, right at my face when i’m busy flyffing. It’s hot and brilliant outside. No, it’s getting dark. Wait… my melody came, with verni.

Look left to right after my melody left. I saw her again. the o2 jam player. the weird cutie faced girl who seemed to play the slowest pace of milk chocolate, christmas memories and lonely song. I should check her out next time. probably tomorrow. hope she’s free by then. she’s always will. always alone, playing o2 jam. maybe I’ll wish she would come. I’m going to teach her how.

My melody, let me see your face again.


~ by protagonist on January 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “faces.”

  1. nax! you’re melody, huh? hehe eh nasan yung comment mo? wala…naloloko ka naman eh…hahah

  2. ur melody tlga huh?

    heheheh auz lng un!!! hehehehehehe

    sau n kung sau no comment!!

    geh O_o \m/

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