du ay nid tu meyk ekskyuses?

Without classes because of Teacher’s Escapade to Baguio Day One.

Since my mother doesn’t visit this site, I could probably tell everyone how I come up with a plan to have money without the classes.

My mother was informed about the suspension of classes when my lil freak sister was involved too. every teacher of the department will be having the time of their life in baguio. And because us twins is on the same school management, she and me… no classes. duh. I need money.

(picking up thoughts, picking up thoughts)

i plan to tell mom that I will be having classes, but for a short period of time. that way, I can accommodate my five hours marathon in r3 without the meow meow less on the piggy bank (wait, do I have one?) I left home at exactly seven o’ one and head straight to aileen’s house. there I wait for the time to pass for my mother to left house and let my money be put to use. After 2 hours, I decided to go to r3 and let two hours of my life wasted again.

– two hours of flyffing is giving my too much pressure coz’ I only achieved six percent out of one hundred in my leveling character.

After two hours, I went home to seek the refrigerator for food. Just before I stuffed my mouth with the fishy food, the people who were having meeting de avance showered me with… FRUSTRATION! They were talking nuts about how they unravel my plan to escape my mother’s sight and how I escape with the money. they were blabbering forever. F*** what they said.

Frustrated with all the words I have sucked within, I left home again and then, r3. I stash one hundred bucks for a marathon again. all over, all over. Nothing but empty silence and that all nonsense.


~ by protagonist on January 8, 2007.

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