three day hoppre

classes, classes, classes! I love how it made me feel alive again in the four corners of this room. four wisdom. I am always welcome. I am always a cabalda crushie. I am always a famed. I am always a will ill. now I will miss melodina macabuhay because the days again are giving me another skip. the teachers are going on a holiday to winter capital de Filipina – baguio! the ever place of verna gutlay. the ever sight seeing place of horses. The ever looking place of fogginess and sweet and sour bittersweet strawberries! the last place I wanted to live in. nah. forget it.

they are the one who will be going, not me.

the escapade they arranged gave me the opportunity to level my overwhelming character in flyff. and the fact that it was one of the highest leveled character in the city of antipolo, the rank must not be lessen to twelfth (I was ranked eleventh in the antipolo district). Five hours a day might be enough, don’t you think? but studies? hmm… more tension here. yes, more tension. leh meh check the schedule… compile books before repots.



~ by protagonist on January 5, 2007.

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