start class

Oh this is the start of classes again. I brought everything I need to bring. I woke up early rather than late. My memories are perfect. My past is intertwined with the future. My mind is set for school.

On the contrary, school wasn’t ready for me. I forgot that I was absent yesterday and I had to fix my “damsel-drooling” hair on a barber galore. The following events came out not quite well for me, as a consequence. Together with madam sanidad and mister cruz, we are stuck with several more tardy, absentees, and improper haircutees. The enlightened one told us that we need to set up a stage to let our guardians see our misbehavior conductivity. She wanted us to let time kill us before our parents do. we will stay at the very patio of southridge for almost half the day of our lives today. Annoyed to what I had heard, I zuzzamen with all improper haircutees and decided to minimize the simple problem we had. due to the fact that I am absent yesterday, I manage to let myself escape the lengthening without grace of the guidance office. Too bad aira didn’t match my charisma over enlightened one because she was admitted only after about half of the day. poor madam. how unlucky she had not let herself wake early. how horrible. unlucky to spot the day with such consequence.

After the stage production, the day went out well but without a friend who grieves for his long, lost dad as its final destination takes place in marikina. be careful of what you wish for. just like perianes wanted it to happen to his father. fortunately, it just happened to his father.

condolence perianes. toodles.


~ by protagonist on January 4, 2007.

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