New Year.

finally, after one year of struggles and vicissitudes, i have left with things and reasons to smile and leave those past memories away. two thousand and six gave me the trials and complete knowledge over the faces of nothing. and for what I have encountered along the way, I am glad that I had a company to every one of them – God.

new Year’s eve and we’re somehow a little quiet on our part. i celebrate this day with my cousins and relatives here in antipolo. So far, I didn’t catch any explosives within the eve or after it. my hands are full of things to those of cannot be handled. I am still stuck with one soul. I am sitting in this cemented stairs, face up on the sky. The stars looked a little shiny today. They are accompanied by huge light resembling explosions. The continuous sounds tweak my ears and I am getting aggravated. the last dinner for this year is minutes soon. will someone accompany me? probably fairy fare and fair family. Gosh so traumatic. I least expect you. I least expect to see your name engraved on the cemented floor of the garage. stupid cousin to use the new year no-disaster stick to carved it there by powder residue. stupid cousin for reminding me you. why does he have to name his flyff character as your name? how inevitable. how my conscience only derived an equation to the big ball of hot gases in space like you? and why I’m soaring high is entangled. stellars, i prefer. getting a little lousy. No. it’s nostalgic. servings of chaffing coming through. Stop insomniac, eyes close please. just when I imagine life, or this coming days would be easy and one two three with you, of course. what a procrastination. that day. this day. wasted days. dah I should stick with my thoughts-words-actions-character-destiny motto so time could cherish me as one. began two, zeroes and seven. let my passion lost within your touch and feel your embrace in a simple way how. don’t hate me cooper. i’m not a robot. But sumtimes we can. I can. I really can. If I try. and so I speak. this is the end of the year. i bid none welcome and full gratitude for purifications.

This will be the year-ender post. I hope this will come out great. it always will. no. this is the year starter post. teehee. Pick up, pick up.

No more toodles for today. wait there’s one. that one that follows the word more and before for.


~ by protagonist on January 1, 2007.

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