strike out the previous post.

No, no. If the previous post told about how dramatic my addiction had become when it comes to online games, then strike the title out. My conscriptic brain is again functioning in a way that it was before. I need not to be tempted with the alluring senses of r3 this time. my pc is playing all necessary tunes to let my lungs sing. The snack called loaded is somehow sustaining the infatuated aggression of my hunger. Playing the songs I loved the most in the guitar makes me shiver when I hear the unmelodious tune, but somewhat makes it more tuned than before. The air that I breathe is cleansing the mind to what might possible reason to travel to r3. all elements is within me now. All is present, all is behind.

But why am I torturing myself on such short notice? well i am staying home at this point of the day because I am saving at least one thousand pesos for buying…

…flyff coupons. teehee

Duh eye min it? ~ is it the same as the uncontrollable addiction? ow nevermind.

Au revoir.

~ by protagonist on December 29, 2006.

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  1. helloy

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