(mass) (-ive) (dis-) (connect) (-ion) and (mal-) (function)

The following event happened between three o’ clock up to eight o’ clock of the day after the seven point seven intensity earthquake in Taiwan.

Everyone thinks that the nightmare isn’t finished yet. Everyone else except me.

But I was wrong. I never would have imagined that even Philippines would be hit by this so-called intensity.

When I was heading for the route where I saw my “looks of my dream girl” before going to r3, I felt a sudden movement of the ground. Without even bothered by what I have felt, I continue heading for r3 because I thought that I am only having my woozy-oozy feeling again. press on, I sat down the hard and cozy steel chair placed on number four pc of the unwell-ventilated r3. opening the internet browser, I find myself stuck with the homepage “dyiele mi luana’s project”.

Why? because PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED is everywhere on every page.


As I am seeing right now, it looks like this browser is giving me nuts. Hardly irritated, I confront ate shei to eliminate the irritable speed of the internet. She reboot the whole process of key bee pee ezz and turn it back online again. but the first try wasn’t good enough to suffice my need for speed (oops. not only me, but also some players there). Desperate to get the em bee pee ezz back, ate shei called the main office of Po, Lala, Dipsy, Tinky-Winky (PLDT, for short) to secure the situation. With headsets out, I overheard the conversation they had. they were talking about the major crisis in Taiwan (kitams) and how it affected their connection. So far it was way too far from us, as I was thinking far from us (gulo ng sentence ah). I can’t open my e-mail to get my stuck password there. I decided to go home to get it, because the internet at home is more reliable than DSL. I got my password and headed again to the route where I saw my “looks of my dream girl” after going to r3.


then it was well after.

But still, I didn’t saw my “dream girl” there in that route.

[ I longed for that face that I saw when I am riding the FX going to mall mega and you were in the patio of CD station, holding that cleaning material and wearing a multi-colored sleeveless blouse. We then exchange glances but milliseconds were it. Gosh~ when will I see you again? ]

…I’ll always drop by that route just for the sake of seeing you again. haha.

But no one will ever I replace that soul, never ever and never. (if you know what I mean)

Oh btw, the event in Taiwan gave as an aftermath: 2 hours DSL disconnection across the whole area of responsibility of the Philippines.

Awts. Dagdag news. Just after I’m starting to post this one.


Greetings from Tri-Isys Internet!

We regret to inform you that our Internet service is currently experiencing slow browsing:
Service Outage Time Start: 11:40h local time, December 27, 2006
Service Outage expected to be Restored: (no definite time)
Expected Total Outage Duration: (no definite time)

Service Outage Details: Several International cable facilities – Including the system that our MAIN PROVIDER is using, specifically APCN2 and its secondary route – have experienced major cable breaks due to the recent earthquake in Taiwan measuring 7.2 in the Richter scale. As a result of this, majority of our services with international connectivity have been seriously affected and are currently unavailable. Presently, the international consortium operating the cable system has already mobilized cable ships to repair the affected segments of APCN 1 & 2, EAC, SEMEWE and GP-China US; C2C and restoration work will be conducted round the clock
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the outage.Thank you for your kind understanding.

For more info. please contact our Helpdesk Support at 230-8000 or 480-0888.

Technical Support Team
Inter-Island Information Systems, Inc.



~ by protagonist on December 27, 2006.

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