It’s Christmas day and I’m having a little doubts of what I will receive or share. My morning wake up is the overslept time. my Christmas “aguinaldo” purse is on zero balance. With poverty everywhere, I concluded that this balance will be the same as my day will end. But I forgot that we had to go to our rest house and celebrate this day there. And so we go.

As we arrived there, I saw the faces that I missed for almost having no time to visit them due to dad’s absentee period. Mama and papa were there, together with my cousins and other personas. Looking at the environment, I saw nothing but great solitude. The breeze that I have felt has been a little enlightening, even the sun’s out. The place is fitted for its so-called name: rest house. I decided to take a nap in order to cope up the time that I messed up when I slept at seven ey em yesterday. Time pass and pass while I’m having thoughts of Mi Luana – the daydreams. I suddenly rose when evening comes and it’s time to eat dinner with outside people. I present myself and eat with enough manners. After the happy feast, everyone was calling everyone, which includes me, for the giving of the “gives”. Taking every single bill they handed over me, the sum of all the money is _____ in just one venue. I then thought that I am lucky enough, just enough for me.

After the distribution, we then talked topics about advertising (because Charisse is taking that course, I heard) and some taglines in them. Examples are globe, which makes great things possible. Even jolibee, who’s bida ang sarap. We also talked about superstitions and weird manifestations. One of them is the history of why your palm itches. Of course, I know in the superstition history that if that occurs, you might had some money coming form your hand. Butt in, kuya Dave told us that when your nose itches, definitely someone is kissing your nose in a picture. But what if your butt itches? 😉

After the Christmas reunion, we then are delivered home by my relatives. By the time we arrived there, I pursue on playing at an internet café. Waiting for my cousins to arrive, I play the guitar for the “nagtototong-its”. As they arrived, we then head again to r3. the fact that it was 11:30 in the evening, I still insisted. I did my marathon thing and poof*, four o’ clock in the morning.

patay tayo nyan. madaling-araw na pala

I’ll just leave the conclusion for you to decide…



~ by protagonist on December 26, 2006.

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