Due to last night’s marathon of flyff patch-up and lag-playing even though it’s three eyem in the morning, I’m still finding reasons of staying this late.

and what did I found? nothing.

After our church session, I thought of something great will happen. My failure family and cousins head straight home and to celebrate His birthday with hams, breads, bread crumbles, peanut butter, hot chocolate and some spreads. Then I returned to my pc again to still find nine more reasons to celebrate.

but you what? there’s nothing left.

Sat still on the rolling chair, I waited my game to finish. It was four-thirty in the morning and my eyes where backing up the sleepiness plus drowsiness. It was then finished at five. When I started playing, it was a complete ruin of everything. [lag xa] but I manage to level up my weaker character two levels in thirty minutes. I thought I’m lucky at this point of the day.

guess what? i’m not, because there’s nothing.

Eyes open even if the time is two hours after I completely patch-up the flyff-ruined game. i’m lying in the sofa and I’m sick. I still think after two years might pass… all that I need, and all that I breath, and all that I care for…is you.

but you know what? we’re nothing. we were really were…just from the start.

I hate you.

~ by protagonist on December 25, 2006.

7 Responses to “waltz.”

  1. hmmmm,,, hu u describng sir??

  2. heya! merry christmas! 😉 sorry i haven’t been dropping by here… 😉 I’ll try to drop by once in a while 😉 tc

  3. that’s not you lester! nde ka naman babae dba? haha…

    hey ast tnx for dropping by! wag once in a while, once a day!

    teecee guys.

  4. It’s X*****. Isn’t it???

  5. definitely. absolutely.

  6. Oh!!! Gottcha!!! New theme huh??? A sudden change of mind….

  7. hey… long time no talk… who was that anyway?

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