krismas na mamaya!

I’m waiting right now for twelve hours, thirty-nine minutes and 95 seconds just for the Christmas point to arrive. It’s like having this nostalgia feeling of the past year and tears where I usually celebrate the upcoming day with specials. But the past will not be resurrected, but will only be registered in my heart forever.

Even I’m not in the mood of something to give, received, take, grant, love, haunt and hunt, I still believe Christmas is the day of Him and not about me or about how can I make myself whole. And I should be thankful enough because I have “this” Christmas fortunate enough than the people who was flushed out by typhoons and burned by the apocalyptic holocaust of yesterday.

Even without the people behind every success, even without the special someone’s, even without the happiness, even without the soulmates, even without stellar, even if she didn’t stay, even without companies, even without internet connections, even without blues and yellows, even without the ninety-nine red balloons, even without ohio, even without sins and tragedies, even without the black parade, even without the girls who thinks lying is the best thing they can have without taking their clothes off, even without cute without the letter e, even without the mute math’s, even without the riches, even without tomorrow, even without my happy ending, even without my letters to you, even without shooting stars, even if I’m not ok, even without the online games…

…it’s still a Christmas for me to celebrate.


~ by protagonist on December 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “krismas na mamaya!”

  1. merry christmas everyone.

  2. Merry christmas too Mr.Dyiele….I hear (or read) that you and your dearest mom went shopping. So it’s safe to say that my little colred box with a cute ribbon tied across it will be coming come January??? Isn’t it right??? HEHEHE!!

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