Christmas rush and us rushes.

As Christmas is fast approaching, 3 days is all we’ve got to let our money be put to good use or to whatever to whatnots. So far we’ve decided to pick this day as the point of letting our shoppaholic through. My mom and I decided to go to megamall to let ourselves buy pieces of fabrics and cottons for the upcoming holiday. As the morning wakes up, so are our plans for this day. I woke up hysterically because I’m dreaming of donna and melodina (ewan koh ba? Lam koh cla lng natandaan koh eh). I return to sleep, trying to recover the lost dream. But as I sleep and nap, I just dream of something different. I stop. I then follow the orders of the prime minister and soak my entire body in the dew of the early morning. After which, we rushed to the line of the FX terminal to wait for our turn. Due to some complications with my car, we used to commute today. And if you estimate the line in the terminal, it should probably be like this:

from here to ————— > here.

And so we take our turn and arrived on mall mega. We head straight to bench/ (and why did they put a / mark on their patented name? sucks) and chose some tops and bottoms. For the past 2 months of no-shopping-time, this is it. JUST SHOP! We stroll down the whole mall to pick, flick, shop. I picked several clothes that could fit this thin muscular body of mine. Fit here, fit there, fit everywhere. Then all I’ve got is just 2 pairs of jeans, 5 pieces of clothes with some strange, fancy and NICE looking blouses (teehee.). but the shopping spree in mega doesn’t suffice mom’s hunger. We head to golden S (if you’re not that socialized, I think it’s called Shangri-La) and suit ourselves with all glam and stuffs there. While mom was having some quality time with window shopping and i-don’t-know-girl-thing, I decided to buy, again, myself a pair of shoes. [SPOILER CUTTED] after the rich and fabulous trip to S, we head back to mall mega and shop again. buy something, but this thing, but one thing, buy everything! As my calculator mind works its way, I calculated at least @!?#?# pesos for everything. San Beda tuition huh? well anyway, I love everything around it. and this is the time again when mom and I were together. Only the two of us…quality time eh?


As I stroll around the two malls, I turned my two eyeballs to some fascinating sites around metro. It was the beautiful and gorgeous ladies around. One gal I saw looked a little like vixen with pink blossom top and jeans (kabisado? Hehe). some gals prefer wearing mini skirts while male’s eyes feast on it. one chinita gal with 14 or 15 of age was staring at me from time to time when we’re eating in Tokyo2. uncertain to what might the reason might be, I approached her (ano naisip ko nun?) and ask why or what’s wrong. She then replied, “you’re similar to my best friend, who was once my crush”. Not being affected to what she had said, I just smile and introduced myself to her and to her galfriends. We talked there until the time my mom arrived. She then gave her number and bid farewell. As this extra flows, there’s one event that I can never forget. This happen before we head home. As mom and I walked out of the exit, we were entangled with people doing the same thing as ours. After the dilemma, I manage to let myself through. While I walk, I saw two gals wearing VERY cute kikay green blouses in front of me. they were making some hand gestures to one another as they walk the vicinity of the outer mall. So far with their gestures, I was hit with one of them. But that’s not the deal. The deal is that it hit my *toot. Of course the girl who had touched (stupid thought) it (stupid thought) apologized and then started laughing. They were following me until the point that my mom noticed us. They just gave their numbers too, for future use daw (numbers are popular these days huh?). after the number exchange, they release their final charisma and then mom and i head to the line of the terminal.

While mom and I are getting slower because of tiredness, I decided to let ourselves a break. We stop by to this ice cream booth named Haagen-Dazs. My eyes sparkled as I saw the pink colored cream (may pink bang chocolate?). and with enough money to spare, I then looked at the menu-price list nailed on the semi-ceiling of the store.

ONE SCOOP one hundred thirty-eight pesos

Cheap isn’t it? cheap for billionaires! This is one ice cream you would want to melt neither in your hands nor in your mouth! But still I insisted on having and trying the golden cup of cream so I buy myself one…scoop. The waiter served it with a teaspoon (nice idea huh?) and a piece of paper. As I scoop it using the lilliputian spoon, I directly put it in my mouth and…pcuhsdsafjdhfkjdsfm …heaven! I’ve never tasted a strawberry flavored ice cream soo rich and fluffy as this one. This one beats even BTIC’s trademark and Copenhagen’s ice cream. I’ll never forget this experience. If I ever had the spare time to go to golden S again, I’ll buy again this one…with two scoops naman.


After the we have suffice our self-shopaholics, mom and I lined to the mall mega FX terminal to end our career here. But as I estimate the length of the line, I can’t help but think,”sana buo nalang ung kotse koh”. The line was five times the length of the line in antipolo. But we still struggle and let ourselves home. And finally, we were.

Home sweet home, shopping spree has ended.
Christmas is still waiting for us.

Au revoir.

~ by protagonist on December 22, 2006.

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