what’s in store for me tis Christmas?

This is my Antipolo days before Christmas.

the life of jayvee leyva begins. the person you might meet beside you while you were sitting in this computer shop right now (if you’re in r3)

so far the days without classes is giving me time to manage flyff mess-ups and life guess-whats. Even if I’m not sure to what happen with gelline after I did the absent thingie last Wednesday, I still believe she will do the right thing. upon wondering to what has happened with her, I pursue on spending one hundred pesos a day for just having some “quequelity” time with ate shie and ate ching and lolo i-don’t-know. While I am there, I manage to focus and press on towards one of my achievement – at least level Ratcliff or rAtzz by 100 and I’ll suffice my hunger for online gaming. But I guess million pesos will be at stake for this one. But the fun doesn’t start there because Christmas is fast approaching.

As I was saying, this must be a post to signify Christmas or something. well I can give you some situations regarding the “meaning” of christmas.

This event happened when I did again my five hour marathon on the sugar house (just call it r3 or C.F.M., if you prefer). I was playing my flyff (with sarcasm, so I speak) with my heads up, hands down and feet on the floor. Managing myself to fight the headache I was having and the drowsiness made possible by the LCD screens, the event that I was trying to say from the start of this paragraph just happened.

it was Yumzy. It’s my asawa in flyff.

she was talking about nice artywonkies about her and how she missed this freakazoid (obviously me). although a gap time is laid on me to be killed by a monster that I was fighting with, I still insist on letting this 5×5 sized chatbox for her messages and my replies. Thirty minutes pasts and I decided to go to her spot and see the changes that happen to this cute (sabi nya) fella. Arriving there, I saw her wearing red and white attire with green outlines: a santa costume – perfect fit. If somebody says that you should be in-love with an online character, then mind him/her! I love how she made a smile on me (even though my character doesn’t shift his smiling face into a bugged type). We met at the dark city called darkon and decided to have some taking of pictures to be turned into mementos.

Arriving at SM, (Saintmorning rather) I picked the spot where my last picture was took. a tiny-ninny Christmas tree with flashy ornaments hanging on its greenish-white leaves was our background. After having seconds of posing and sitting docks, I pressed 0 in the keyboard to put the picture in the capture folder. Then I changed my character to an acrobat. We then head to the place where I drown all my fears; wash the dirt of yesterday. We sat there for moments and look at the starry skies (character speaking metaphorically) as I decide what angle should the picture be. As I am looking at our characters, I dream of having the same thing this Christmas, the same moments and environment if ever and possible. sooo chweet if you ever see our pictures. and this one is LOVE on Christmas day.

Next is the LUG (Level-Up Games) events and how it might be linked to what I am saying. Upon reaching the patcher of flyff, I noticed the latest post that they had made. Open, read and reflect. I read that they were giving away a whooping one thousand pesos online load for LUG players. Of course I was left with a reason to smile and to play hard and study harder. But the real deal is beyond the last stanzas of the announcement. The company WILL give a Christmas hat on all flyffers out there!! Due to the fact that the hat is worth 200 pesos in the flyff market, this one is a many thanks to LUG! and this one is SHARING and GIVING on Christmas day.

For some entertainment, watch this Level-Up Games Video here.

Last but definitely least, is my decisions and enlightenation. From the past months I’ve been having some negative thoughts on someone and on surround. The fact that problems between us might aggravate the problem, I don’t hella care. If I were the first one to make a move just to have this one to halt, then so be it. If God is a also a masochist, then I’m too. I am just person He created and I’m not the type who opposes the teachings of His, even if we have our own brains to control and to tweak. He still has the power over us. So after this vacation, I’ll talk with the angel that dropped from my wings: Astrid. and this one is FORGIVENESS on Christmas day.

Right now I’m just waiting for the days that will pass and will be cherish once again. every year we pack gifts and share our blessings to the needy, put stingy lights to our houses, spend time with family members and friends, just to express the real meaning of this season. But what does really matters? Geez… Find out yourself. You’re too old to be fed with information. I’m not the one who should decide the real meaning of it for you.

It’s up to you.

btw, for the information of everyone, Christ replaced by X in the word Christmas means nothing but a word to design the yuletide season.



~ by protagonist on December 20, 2006.

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