welcome to hell, where everyone’s hot but i am not.

so long for the proliferation of the prospects of the indecency day…

because right now I must deal first with problems left before and after it. dirty looks, photograph proofs and lines without a hook are best descriptions for every surreal problem ahead and beyond. one problem here was about this young (can I call her that way?) lady who was once connected with me, has been having a hard time dealing with heart stress and brain burns. in reflexology, I manage to massage the emotions of this infatuated one even if i’m not sure if her own will will follow the breaking thoughts in her numb conscience right now. But since she’s old enough to know what’s wrong or right, I’ll let her deal with it, because only her can make the best or the worst out of it. good luck on your part tol. I’ll just have to be always here for you, after all.

Connected with problem one, I heard some gossips about this “girl” girl who was cheating and pressing on towards her main goal: eliminate, eliminate, eliminate, own it. my observations started with the statement of the excused boy, Peria. If not to some hellish facts, I wouldn’t be enlightened of what has been happening under the table of mam yuan (not the debtie thingie). Upon my observations and certain general proofs that I have gathered, I formulated a hypothesis that can shock the world and the people living around Fnriaentksene.

“you’re dead, I’m rich

Saasltlriitdnop is the one who made everything possible, or even worst, worst. Some cohorts of the name indicated above are backing up on my statement regarding the issues that revolved on this hallucinated one. So with enough actuations, facts, fallacies, bluffs and fantasies, I concluded and recommended that you must be stopped because involved persons might go crazy and you might just be the only one to be left in the kangkungan.

Tama na pagfi-feeling mo.”

Last stop was the place of I’m not ok. I did tell about Jessie and her unenlightening path in one of my last post. as I stated there, if I’m not torrentially sane, she’ll be back from the old self if and only if we help her. But I’m seeing right now is still the person with a face of a bad star, with falling pride and glory. The spilled guts and wordings about her modification might be just written and typed in words, but never will be applied to her purification.

“So long and goodnight, so long and goodbye.”

• special thanks to those people who informed and confirmed me about the backstabbing process in the industry.
• If ever this scientific observation is incorrect, the side effects may still be observed and felt.
• The satan’s mask brought upon a holocaust on the emotions and some mind problems to the people who wears it…and not. and that’s why we lost to the competition too. because nathan was with us, al the way.



~ by protagonist on December 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “welcome to hell, where everyone’s hot but i am not.”

  1. haha ur not hot well guess wat, i am.

  2. I’m hot too!!!! A hot dancer to be exact!!!!

  3. So now I get it!!!! Yeah, ur good at hiding someone’s identity..

    Did she really want to eliminate someone??? Can’t believe it…

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