eim alown ein artri

Sunday. a day to share with family members and others. a day to preparation for tomorrow. a day of rest, a day to church, a day to waste time again in r3.


a call for help again. darn bitches! They disturbed again the time when I can only think of nothing – sleep. Even if my alarm clock encrypted with the voice of lilo and stitch on it is broken, these peoples served as one. Jumping out of the double decked bed, I suddenly turned my eyes on the clock hanged on the wall (don’t correct this one. The Microsoft word said it so). I rushed downstairs to see who did ruin my beauty sleep. Surprisingly, it was mr. manong who wants to lend a piece of my best buddy. Being in the state of sharing, I let him took it because it will only take minutes, he said. Another problem solved is another step closer to world peace.

Without even bothered with my headache turning to migraine, I stand still and walk a little slower to r3. my prerequisite idea of leveling up the weaker one is not ideal to do in a five hour stay in that place, so I decided to focus on the stronger one again (flyff talk). Upon entering, I saw ate moby dick (haha. hell I should laugh) alone guarding the place. Minutes after few talks about love and life, I started my web marathon. And be noted, I was alone.

definitely I am playing the never-ending world of flyff again. I’m just starting to enumerate the story again but I know some of the readers here are not interested, so I’ll just skip that part (tinatamad din kxe akong isulat. bleh).

I forgot my vanity time whe…

[ a sudden stop because of thinking something…no. that “thing” that happened. ]

Do you even know me at all
would you even consider catching me
if i fell
will you ever be that real to me
I sit and wonder
when will you come and save me
then i wake up and realize
Your no where near
will you ever be that real to me
I dream about your face
about your touch
then i taste my tears and realize
i dont know your face or touch
will you ever be that real to me
All i can do is sit around
Wait for your soul
Wait for the day
When u can save me from falling

…I hate love industry.



~ by protagonist on December 17, 2006.

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